What We're Doing

Our goal is to build a strong, sustainable community with shared commitments of respect and inclusivity. We are doing this by focusing on diversity, fiscal sustainability, fair labor practice, creative freedom, transparency, industry change, mental health support and solidarity. 

We have monthly plenary meetings that are open to all members. Most of our work happens through self-organizing, non-hierarchical working groups. These include: 

Data, Transparency + Accountability: Working towards transparency and accountability in our industry regarding data and finances. Committed to knowledge being power, and secrecy weakening us.

Distribution: A place to dream up new models that are filmmaker and film-centric, while questioning existing models and power structures. 

Sustainability + Mental Health: Prioritizing the whole care of the filmmaker through artist-centric support including peer-to-peer mentorship, advocating for filmmaker benefits and therapy & trauma training and building community support. 

Private/Public Funding: Re-envisioning and advocating for models of public and private funding for the arts that recognizes the essential democratic work of documentary filmmakers.

Steering Committee: The beating heart of the IDD. 

IDD members are expected to be active participants. We are committed to a collective approach that respects varying capacities, taking into account family, freelance work, full-time jobs, etc.