Our Work

How We're Organized

Working Groups are where the core of IDD's initiatives happen. These self-organizing, non-hierarchical groups include: Data & Transparency, Mental Health, Public Funding, and Ethical Filmmaking. 

Plenaries are regular virtual meetings for the entire membership to be together, build solidarity, participate in workshops/discussions and contribute to decision making. 

Steering Committee meets regularly to oversee administrative functions, build internal infrastructures, facilitate plenaries, and make decisions accountable to the larger membership.

Our Initiatives

• Peer-to-Peer mentorship programs
• Surveys to understand the shape of our industry 
• Building partnerships with similarly aligned organizations
• Generating standards around industry ethics and process
• Organizing experimental gatherings that model our principles
• Advocating for long term progressive policy change
• Building a virtual infrastructure to connect our community
• Developing infrastructure to share our field building work

Our Three-Tiered Approach to Change

Tier 1 - Mutual Support: Creating solidarity amongst our members.
Tier 2 - Change Within Industry: Structural change within the industry, including solidarity with other industry workers.
Tier 3 - Change Beyond Industry: Working towards larger societal change in coalition with like-minded groups.